Hi Darlins…
      I hope all is well with you!

      Been sooo busy haven’t had time to visit blogland or post anything!

      The weekend was busy getting ready to host a Christmas dinner party for Saturday.
      I had to get my decorating finished, shop and prepare for dinner.
      We had the perfect evening… Good friends that came for dinner. We like small intimate gatherings verses a large loud party…
      I love to entertain….
      It was a beautiful evening, we had started with drinks and horderves up in the garden house with the fire-pit roaring…
      then moved into the house for a construction update tour!
      So enjoyed having a dinner party and cooking on my new wolf range and preparing a sit down course dinner for our friends. 
      We dined by the fireplace and it was so fun to catch up and relax after dinner…
      The table turned out lovely …. I’ll share later!

      Sunday night while doing dishes I began thinking about the end of the year coming soon…..
       felt I should host a “Holiday Coffee” here for some friends so I sat down and made an invite and sent it out that night!!! for Tuesday!
      So glad to have a few of the girls over… some had never been here before so we did a little tour with our coffee andI served a light fare of quiche, yogurts with blueberries and fresh juices I made that morning! 
      We hung out a bit before we all started our day…
      I felt I needed to have something special for the mom’s who are so helpful to me when I ask to pick up my son or take him to sports practice throughout the year…
      So nice we all support each other with our kids and I appreciate that!

      I hope you have a beautiful week…
      A couple Christmas pics I took around the house….

      It's great to entertain at this time of year…lovely photos.