Hey there Lovelies!

      The last few weeks have been soooo busy!
      I’ve missed ya’ll!
      Our youngest son was on a popwarner football team that had a really successful season! We were traveling the last two weekends to Laughlin, Nevada and then last weekend to Phoenix, AZ. We lost our game in Phoenix..so we are officially done with football!
      Just the team party tomorrow! Then on to Basketball on Sunday…Just getting caught up on all the day to day from being gone from these mini trips!
      I had a fabulous time in Phoenix, we had a wonderful family dinner and it was so nice to connect and be together! Then I was able to sneak away and visit some of may favorite shops.. Phoenix has the BEST shops OOH my goodness! Found some awesome things there.
      On the way home we stopped at this darling little place, everything was so delicious & fresh! The restaurant is called “Matt’s Big Breakfast”. I met the owner and she was so sweet. She even makes the Juices and the Jellies.
      I took a picture of the front as we were leaving. It’s in Phoenix, Az. Definitely a destination*
      It was featured on one of our favorite shows, Drive-ins, Diners and Dives that’s how we found it!
      Oh*** My Special thoughts & wishes to all of you Fabulous Women and Men who are on the Breast Walk here in San Diego!
      Thank you and have a safe and memorable walk*
      Love you all*
      Have a Fabulous Friday eve*
      Missed ya,

      What did you have at Matt's? Glad your boy's team was so successful!