Happy New Years!

      This post is a *Birthday*tribute for my son “C” .
      {Let’s see if i can get through this while I can see the keys}
      Today is special because my son “C” was born 13 years ago at 1:06 pm. His birth was a blessing! My pregnancy was easy. Each day I would rub my {Huge} belly while saying the same 4 words….”Hi! It’s me mommie”. The moment my doctor handed him to me I said those same 4 words, Hi! It’s me mommie… I said to my husband, this baby has the sweetest soul… Well 13 years later he has brought that sweetness to us each and every day of his life.

      Today we celebrate him on his 13th birthday…I’m grateful for God’s blessing, I am so honored to be his mommie. Sorry {MOM}!
      He’s a dude now… however his dad and I know him as…..* Loving * Spiritual * Laughter * Strength * Inspiration * Inspirational * Charming * Unique * Humanitarian * Animal lover* Humor * Silliness *Goodness * Sweetness * Caring * Sensitive * Energetic * Talkative* Friendly * Soulful * Friend * Brother * SON * Grandson* Cousin* Compassionate * Athletic * Suave * Cool * Fun * Exciting * Daring * Hilarious * Witty * Risk taker* Courteous * Gracious * Humble * Courage * Smile * Enthusiastic *Dependable* Independent * Thinker * Creative *Mechanically inclined * Dreamer *
      Just to call you out on a few Honey *
      *Happy Birthday *
      I Love you from the bottom of my heart *King C*
      Enjoy the photos ….just a few memories

      OH… 13. How could you SEE THOSE KEYS!
      I cry everyday and my oldest is 6.5.
      I really can't handle it.
      Thank you so much for your support… would love to see more of your home… will click around and maybe we can talk about some magazine exposure!
      Shoot me an email.
      Thanks again for your kind words!
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