A July Birthday in the House!!!!

      July is ending and I was feeling a little remiss not posting a 20th Birthday tribute to my first born Cody.

      He isn’t the bloggin type so I’ll get the Oh Mom….
      I’m going to show him some “Love” even if he gives me a little grief!!!
      After all it’s a privilege we get when we’re a parent don’t you agree?
      He was a healthy almost 10pound beautiful baby. He was 13 lbs. at a month.
      His first welcome home gift from the hospital was from my neighbor, A Nike soft rubber football….
      I took lots of photographs, however they are all on film.. I have to scan my life of pictures!!
      Cody had began to focus on round objects and would pick them up and throw them, produce at the grocery,dinner rolls at the restaurants, well we thought how interesting and cute. That was the beginning!!! Friends and strangers began to comment on his athletic baby and toddler coordination. Since he was our first child we did’t have anything to compare him to.
      So his love was playing ball, baseball, basketball & football.
      Well to bring this to the present day. It wasn’t just a phase, or something we pushed him into.
      He has played all of them. Until last year he was a baseball pitcher too. He loves Baseball and wanted to continue to play and felt tugged between the two. His college coaches wanted him to focus on just one sport. So he chose football to be his focus. A chizzled 6’4 frame with wheels. His arm is a cannon, so I’ve been told! Jock Lingo!!!! You know…
      Cody is very dedicated to his dream and is a amazing athlete. He is a Q.B. and I must say when all of those huge guys are coming at him on the field I feel the “mom tingle”.
      He teases me because I don’t know anything about the game. I told him long ago that I am not a stage mom that cares about all those details!
      More than all of this he is a fine young man with a huge heart and I know he will make good choices and be a role model for younger athletes. I admire his dedication and his strength.
      This is what HE loves and I will Always be his biggest Fan!!!

      I wish you the Best of Health, Love & Happiness My Dear.
      I’m honored to be your Mom,
      photo’s early years, Mercedes Cody is second blonde back seat on left, my little one is in the blondie front seat. His football game. Cody is QB #9


      Happy Birthday to Cody and Congratulations to you. I loved your story and pictures.

      I really enjoyed your story about your son. I can relate to so much of it it's not funny! My oldest son was a super athlete too. He received top honors in high school and college. He chose football over baseball also. It's pretty hard to be a two sport player in college. It's because of him I love football today. I knew nothing about it until he started playing. I always thought his career would be in sports. He's not an indoor type person. Well, he decided to go in a different direction but still remain outside. He became a police officer. Although I always dreamed I might seem him in the NFL I am so very proud of his choice. Congratulations to your son on his accomplishments and Happy Birthday to him! Thanks so much for sharing this story.