August 1st… Can you believe it is already here!

      This is my FAVORITE month. Why?
      Well.. Here are my *6* reasons why I adore August!

      *1st… it is my Birthday month*
      *2nd… because it’s my Anniversary month*
      *3rd… it’s summer vacation month*
      *4th… it feels like the HEART of summer*
      *5th… so many delicious fruits are in season, watermelon, strawberries, peaches etc.*
      *6th…beautiful roses, going barefoot, shorts, alfresco dining, warm beaches and lakes & everyone seems so HAPPY*
      Thoughts of PINK my favorite colour are so00 on my mind in August!
      {Take a look at from last August it was a whole month of pink down to my pink wedding gown! Hope you get a chance to look back at my blog from August 2010}
      Here are a couple pics of my Pink eden roses, this is my favorite Rose… I think!
      I will be sharing PINK every August, I started this last year It was so fun..
      Happy first day of August!
      It is a beautiful morning here in So. Cal.

      Have a lovely birthday, anniversary and holiday, Gail….goodness it's like a month-long party!! xxoo A

      What beautiful flowers!