Summer* Mary left. Me right. Mary’s 8th grade graduation gift from her parents was a trip from Phoenix to my little town in the midwest to spend the summer on the Lake at my house!! We had the most Fabulous Summer. Really, It was truly a gift for us both….

      A Special Birthday Wish to Mary! One of my Favorite people in the world. Happiest of 50th Birthdays to a Beautiful, Sweet and loving friend and Cousin. We share a unique bond of friendship and are cousins at the same time. You ‘re strength and courage are unwavering yet you are so caring and gentle at the same time. A wonderful Mother to your Beautiful Daughters and A treasure to all of us who Love you. I know you’ll Celebrate this 50th year with passion and Grace for all the things you care most about. I’m truly blessed to have you in my life and so Thankful for the special bond we share.

      Love xoxo,Gail