Happy Wednesday Darlins…
      Got filthy and loved it…
      Thinking after I started laying them out, of homes these came from and the stories, perhaps the christmas mornings where children peaked through them coming down the stairs!!!
      Excited to share some pretty curves I found!
       Piece by piece I selected these vintage salvaged stairs spindles…
      I must say my hands needed heavy duty cleaner after handling hundreds of spindles.
       Can you believe they were just tossed into bins, not bundled according to style, color or anything!
      These vintage spindles will be in my new staircase railing and maybe the Juliet balcony!
       {If I have enough} 
      It depends when we start laying it out, we will only use the strongest and best pieces…
      I already had them laid out in the design I like.
       These are all from different old staircases!
      LOVE the one with the three round balls. Only found one like that!
      I know it is silly…. but I just get so excited about the details!!!
      There is so much to still do before we get to the railings. 
      I still have to find the rails… 
      I hoping to find vintage. 
      Then have a custom curved rail piece milled to match what I find….

      Lots of steps are still involved… 
      The wall panels have to milled yet.
      {LOVE the radius wall we made}
      Remove the drywall up the stairwell.
      Replace a window at the top of the stairs.
      Remove all the drywall up the stairwell and the lid.
      Any how you can see…
      There is  about 20 things that have to happen for every one!
      Hope your day is pretty!
      Oops… forgot to mention, strip and sand each piece before painting!!!


      wow! Those will be so beautiful! just love how you can 'see' what it will all look like when done 🙂

      So very cool!