I can’t believe it’s October 1st!

      It was the most beautiful morning here in So. Cal… Sunshine,warm with Blue skies…

      Don’t you feel like this time of year for some reason just flies…. Then it will be the Holiday’s.
      I am soooo excited for my trip to Illinois and Wisconsin!!
      The planning is so much fun...I can’t wait to see my family there!
      I have been trying to get my schedule worked out with everyone. So far everything is falling into place perfectly. My stay will be short so I want to spend the time with a bit of a plan!
      Here is a photo of some Halloween decor at my house.
      Sorry..I don’t do much orange if any!
      Have a fabulous weekend, get out your Halloween decorations and let the season begin!!!
      Off to my youngest’s pop warner football game..

      Have a fabulous trip…and Happy Halloween! Hope your son's team won 🙂

      Can you believe it's October? You know what that means, Roger's Christmas is about to open. Laura and I will be there Saturday….

      Gail this is so pretty!! Love the white as an unexpected change from the predicatable orange! Love it…happy travels!