Decorating for Halloween is so much fun when the kids are little….

      When mine were little I used to try to decorate when they were gone to school or at night so that when they walked in they could see it finished.
      Oh and the costumes! How many times do they change their minds!!!
      I remember one in particular… My son wanted this foam costume in the shape and color of a M@M candy. They only had huge sizes left, but I thought we could stuff it and it would be fine… Well Halloween morning he announced that he was going to be a GI Joe and not a M@M candy. I was expecting my second baby so I looked like a M@M already!! My son said, Daddy can wear my costume and you two will match! My husband was a good sport and wore the M@M foam candy costume!!! It was Hilarious, he is 6’4….I ended up going in a black unitard as Cat-n -the- hat.
      I’m still unpacking my goodies but here is one of mine that I still love…
      Have a beautiful Monday,