I couldn’t let the day slip away without saying it… Happy National S’mores Day!
      Love * Love * Love* this
      I went to a cute little cafe today for a piece of lettuce… after my workout, I was greeted with a tray of S’more yummies and wished Happy S’mores Day! Yes Please, one to go I said…I came home, locked the door, got my camera and took these pictures….I had no idea about this special day! Perfectly fits in my favorite month though!

      Quickly I did a little research to see if they were pulling my leg, I get that sometimes being a blond….

      YES it’s fact…FYI
      August 10th 2012 National S’mores day
      The recipe was first published in 1927 in the Girl Scouts Handbook.

      The culinary historians believe the tradition began earlier…
      Let’s just light a campfire at the beach and celebrate***
      A nod to those Girl Scouts!
      Have a beautiful evening Darlins..

      Get your pretty coffee cup and pour some coffee and meet me here in the morning for my Saturday’s Designing with vintage series….


      Hellooooo Gail…
      LoVE your Post about the S'mores AND The Girl Scout Connection!*!*! Just GoRgeOuS Photo… Hope you enjoyed E*V*E*R*Y BITE!
      Jeanine Burkhardt

      Ohhhh that is droolworthy!!! 😀 I LOVE that cupcake! We made squash cookies today, but if I knew! 😛