Happy Saturday Darlins,
      Yikes, it’s a hot day here in SoCal… Windy & 93….
      Just came inside to make a ice cold protein smoothy…
      Iv’e been out helping the workers spray the dirt down with water because it’s a dust tornado with the BOB cat ripping the old stone walls apart..
       Dirty, muddy just like i like it!
      It’s good because it’s one step closer than yesterday!
       Saint Patrick’s Day on Tuesday so I’ve got green on my mind too!
      Living with greenery indoors beautifies a space and is super beneficial to our health.
      Foilage purify’s the air by giving off oxygen.
       Just a touch of green makes the space seem alive. 
      I fell in love with these spaces filled with oxygen…. I’m inspired to share with you.

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      Oh yeah…
      a little green vintage glamour to wear for Saint Patrick’s Day.

      My Design Tip: Rotate your plants by changing the container, using them in different room depending on the light required keeps them fresh.

      Hop over to Second Shout Out BLOG for my Saturday’s “Designing with Vintge” and shop to freshen your space with some vintge containers for your foilage.

      A beautiful Saturday to you!

      Dore, You just made my entire experience of blogging worthwhile. Thank you for your sweet visits and I appreciate your beautiful words that you take the time to share.

      Sometimes I wonder if anyone gets me!! I have always so to speak thought outside of the box. It's interesting, I think of things and never see them done elsewhere then about 5 years from now they are trending!! When I designed my pink wedding gown, it was purely because I love pink and wanted my gown to reflect me. About 3 years later pastel bride gowns were the new thing! I have always used my thoughts and senses to create. Growing up in a small town surrounded by boys I used my imagination to create beautiful lmages to think about. To this day, I wish I could translate my thoughts, write them down or record them fast enough to create them all.

      A beautiful day to you Dore,

      Thank you.

      Gail you are one of my most favorite bloggers, it's the way you think out of the box of design, and such new-ness always creeps out of you in designing a post. Love your Photo choice and can see myself in each one soulfully creating.

      We too have had the 90's here in our dessrt area and wind and dust, it's because we living in that southern Ca. Dust ball area. You my dear have had a lot doing on in your yard to keep up with the heat and dusted winds. Will be looking forward to all the beautifull work that is well worth the inconvenience of Mother Nature.

      Happy St. Patties day to you my green thumb friend.


      Oh so dreamy, GAIL! To live with nature if just for a photo shoot as such!! Happy Sunday! Anita