Hello November…
      Good morning Darlings!
      A quiet morning today, but so dark now when we wake.
      I want to catch up with you!

      Is this year flying or what?

      Here’s a few this and that things around here!

       was up last night late creating a layout & loading pics
       for my baby’s Senior High School yearbook page! 
      I was crying!
       I didn’t use this one for his page but it makes my heart melt…
      He is 6 weeks old…we were ready to leave for his baby shower and spend a fun day meeting some wonderful women whom I adored. It was his first real social outing! 
      {The Home Depot was his official first} but that was normal for both our baby’s!

      I was 37 here & so in Love with him…I was grateful to have a healthy pregnancy & baby at that age.

      Here he is now! 
      We shot his senior pics done here at our home, 
      I took this of him while the photographer was shooting him in the yard on his motocross bike,
       {he always wears a helmet & riding gear}

      … but this was for the photo op…you know the HAIR!!!
      Reflecting & finding the words to put on his page that are meaningful just between him & our family was difficult… 
      I’m sure those of you who have had seniors can relate!

       Trying my best to keep it short but authentic like him…
       I only really wanted to write how much we love him over and over!!!

      It’s a surprise so I’ll keep it that way and share it later.

      HEY! We have finished the dog run, now we are building the country house for them..
       I’ll take some picture of the project to share, it’s going to have a porch!

      On Instagram!
      Come on by, it’s fun, love how quick it is to share daily inspiration & see others!

      Life is beautiful!
       so are you!