Ahhh the first weekend of 2015…
      My first Saturday’s Designing with vintage post 
      the new year!
       adding warmth with textiles and metalic finishes that are worn with golden patinas can transform any cool winter space into a cozy and romantic one.

      Winter is long, it’s the perfect time for having some fun.  
      Let’s start playing with accessories and creating a fresh look for the new year.

      My Design tip: Look for gold writing on vintage books, old frames, textiles of satin, velvet & golden patinas on furnishings. The perfect pairing for a cozy winter space.

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      Wishing you a beautiful first weekend of 2015

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      Oh how I love this post…thank you, beautiful one, for coming to visit! Keep warm; it is freezing out my way!

      Happy new week! Anita

      Oh how I embrace your cozy winter vibe here…. Love that gold bed tufted in beauty.
      You always inspire uniqueness Gail.
      Looking forward to all your home will inspire from you.


      I am also cozying up the cottage by having taken down all the glittered Christmas ornaments and bringing out some natural elements such as painted white branches, bleached shed antlers, and just letting the natural patina of the wood in my home speak. Oh the beauty you share today!

      HAVE FUN! Anita

      I love the images posted. I really like white/cream with the gold.

      Very warm and cozy and beautiful too!