Hi Darlins…. 
      It’s officially summer as I write this post!
       Living in SoCal it seems I have to see it on my calendar for it to be official! Our seasons seem to meld in to each other…
      I love to freshen up my home decor with it’s beauty and welcome the season!

      While vacationing in Nantucket and the Cape years ago we collected some beautiful Seas shells.
      I put them away in the fall and winter, bring them out to enjoy in the summer.
       They are easy to keep clean and fresh, just a little rinse and a soft towel to pat them dry.
      Having flowers year round in your home is just plain lovely. 
      It’s something I love to see in our home!
      These pretty pink Peonies are so delicate and pretty!
       I bought these for a gathering I hosted, 
      but I just might try to grow these in the garden next year!
      Mixing the Garden & Sea are two elements that say welcome Summer to me!
      Now onto dreaming of our summer vacation plans… 
      This pretty little match book reminds me to make reservations! 
      We are going to a beautiful lake in the mountains. 
      We have a tradition that there is always one romantic dinner at our most favorite place,
       “Erna’s Elderberry House”.
      A 5 star delightful French beauty in the mountains…
      We discovered it on our honeymoon many years ago!

      Do you have a romantic place that you like to go?

      My Design tip: Gather nature’s seasonal gifts and fill your vintage vases, buckets & trays full!
      Displaying them on your front porch, dining table and mantles are easy, no cost ways to welcome summer into your home!

      Hop over to SSO Second Shout Out for my Saturday’s Designing with Vintage post and shop SSO for some vintage finds for your summer decor!

      Have a beautiful first weekend of Summer!