Hope your having a fantastic week! It sure is flying by… I have been soooo busy.

      I love to see progress in all stages, Here is what we saw on our gates today.
      Our final approval.. I was thrilled, they got it! I think they are going to be Beautiful*** I love them raw but not sensible… Next week will be the trial fit to get everything screwed and notched before the galvanizing process. I can’t wait to try them on!!

      We had our first autumn fire last night, I love the crisp evenings.
      Oh guess what, there was a rattle snake near the pool last night! Un… believable, I had just walked in the area then my husband and when my youngest walked by he started yelling “What’s that sound, sure enough it was a rattler!
      Well, that’s country living for you!
      Good night dears*

      Wow those are beautiful. Am a big fan of iron gates and these are on our to do list as well…..snakes on the other hand am not so big on!