To say we LOVE our Lemon Grove is an understatement!  There’s enormous charm inspired by this romantic lemon grove.  It’s my favorite place to just be…it’s where I have my clearest thinking.  Time in our grove picking lemons is special, and hard work. But I love the time outside where it’s peaceful, the only sounds are birds singing and bees working.  Oh, yes…the fragrance is intoxicating, in a beautiful way!

      When we drafted our landscape design, it called for lemon trees as perimeter screening and providing a lush overview on our property.  From the time the tiny twigs were delivered to our property & planted, they’ve been nurtured & loved.  Today they’re beautiful, healthy & happy trees.  I became an accidental farmgirl with our Grove, I Love it!  I’ve found a deeper admiration & interest for farming & concern over where our food comes from in general.  I always have a bowl filled with lemons in the kitchen and I use them for everything!

      Our healthy, juicy lemons are harvested January through July.  Each season we hand pick our lemons two or three times weekly. We hand wash, crate and deliver the same day from our family grove to neighborhood markets.  Our Lemons are a beautiful home-grown connection with our community and it’s an honor for us to share them.

      Coming soon: more from THE LEMON GROVE