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      Unbelievable Real Estate that’s dated and neglected needs to be loved.  Our vision and passion for transforming the entire project essentially turns projects into unforgettable homes.  At Casual Loves Elegance, it’s not about where we start, it’s where we finish.

      This gallery shows a few of my favorite transformations.  I’m partial to and proud of my first design/renovation, the old California ranch house.  It became a New England beach house complete with a studio and guest house.  Our next project, the restoration of a neglected 1940’s home, and a 70’s Mediterranean which is being transformed into a French farmhouse with a lemon grove, garden folly and work shop.  It’s still in the construction phase.  Finding this giant salvage sink, restoring it, then building a room to show case it, is my thing!   I have another 100-year-old marble sink I found from NYC, restored it and added some new details for the powder bathroom.  It’s coming soon!

       I’ve designed these renovations from start to finish and sold a few upon completion.  I’m all in on my projects and I’m also a California realtor, so we can find or sell your home together.

       Older homes come with situations to figure out, budgets to keep when the unexpected unfolds, and it usually does.  That’s where DIYer’s and homeowners get themselves stuck.  There are countless details that go into behind what the eye sees.

       The good news…I can do it all for you.  Let’s work together and make your project all that you dream it to be.  Besides, I love wearing my comfy overalls, a ball cap, old t-shirt & getting it done.

       Our HOME DESIGN SERVICES page lists options for you.