Morning Darlin’s 
      Happy 1st day of WINTER*
      I hope your enjoying this magical season.
       It’s my favorite time of year!
       I love to see how others decorate their homes for the Holidays.
       I thought it would be fun to share a little of our french-Nordic woodland inspired Holiday decor 
      & a couple favorite family traditions with you!
      I hope you enjoy*
      Our Christmas Tree
      The tree is chosen by a family vote.
       We have a little technique {family Secret} how we conduct the search for the best tree!
      I Love how the fresh tree adds such a coziness to the room right when we put it up. 
      We elevate ours on this vintage railroad train cart I found a few years ago. 
      I love the tree pre-decor too!
      I use fresh evergreen garlands,wreaths, little lemony cypress & twinkle lights throughout the house. 
      This is our dining room mantle.
      A carefully placed little glitter bird embellishes the vintage silk top hat…
      Glitter crowns…
      My youngest son is a New Years day baby so I love to keep them up for his Birthday!
      Season’s Greeting are strung under last falls hydrangeas blooms from our garden.
      My favorite shimmery silver fur throw
       some fresh pines from our trees 
      this handmade woolen felt heart says “Happy Holidays”. 
      Years ago…
       I ordered these hand made hearts from a sweet women whom I met through “Victoria magazine”. 
      I asked  if she could make different greetings for my mercantile store.
       I gave a few to friends & family as gifts that year.

       I love mine,
       I use it every year!
      A little gathering of angels,
       all different 
      unique just like you!
      We have a few special ornaments passed down from our families like this Silent Night….
      that have somehow managed to stay in tact & beautiful.
      My Vintage kitchen scale isn’t forgotten…
      Evergreens & boxwoods cozy up the kitchen.
      Simple garland of stars hung in the foyer gallery to my Boyz rooms.
      I love using nature inspired elements for the holidays 
      I love creating my own unique holiday decor… do you?
      A little setting in a wreath I made …
       the other day in the dining room…
      This year I tried to remember to take some time just for me.. to savor the season…
       This was one of those quiet moments last week. 
      Just enough left over homemade soup for one!
      Each Christmas has it’s own memories…
      One of our favorite family traditions is our Christmas eve dinner here at home.
      A sit down dinner, fireside that’s true to our “CASUAL LOVES ELEGANCE” lifestyle…
      The Dress code: The men can wear casual slacks, jeans though MUST wear a crisp button down collar shirt!!!
      {I love sitting at the table with them all Handsome & Fresh}
      Something about dining by candles & the warm glow of a Christmas Eve fire…
       make this so memorable & Special.
      Vintage suitcases I have collected are filled with my special ornaments & holiday decorations. 
      They are stacked in the living room all year.
       I  made tags for them with the dates so I know whats inside each one.
      Our Holidays include our dogs…
      Miss Chloe is our Tibetan Mastiff. 
      Freshly coiffed for Christmas she knows it’s ok to come inside!
       {Her coat is extremely thick this time of year so she won’t stay indoors long. She prefers laying outside in the cool dirt in the shade} 
      Also we have a Saint Bernard puppy Mr. Lincoln {no pic}. He will be one year soon. 
       We love our dogs, they are a special part of our family & our Christmas memories.
      On Christmas Eve my Husband, reads the Christmas story.
      Everyone gathers around by the fire. 
      Those are precious moments of stillness & excitement all in one.
      I think some of my favorite memories too, of my children and our guests!

      Christmas is magical for those who believe…
      I Believe!
      I hope I will always hear the Christmas bell!

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      Warmest Holiday Wishes from our home to yours, 
      May your season be filled with special moments, traditions & memories you hold dear.

      All Photos from this post are taken by me in our home….

      What a pair Miss Chloe and Lincoln must make. 🙂 Your home is so beautifully festive, Merry Christmas!

      Merry Christmas Gail,
      And à Happy Birthday to your son, i am a day after your son on the 2nd.
      Your home looks beautifully staged for what's to come, keep inspiring your beauty in all you create, post and offer.

      À Joyeux Noël