Friends are like Flowers to me… They are each so individual and they bring their own personality to the friend ship. Amazingly no two are alike…. The beautiful part is that we have the choice to surround ourselves with the ones that bring beauty and friendship to our lives. It is a mutual bond. It lives in our hearts whether we see them daily or just every so often. When friends get together it’s as if no time has passed….

      Photos of a couple b-day gifts from my friends Pam and Barbara, my first vintage Ironstone pitcher, petite server which I adore, and complete with White Roses given to me at wonderful little cafes where we gathered to catch up and be together.
      A big xoxo to my friends and family who remember me on my birthday…I’m Grateful*
      Here’s my thought to leave you to ponder…Think about the friends you have….It doesn’t matter how many, it only matters WHO you have!
      Have a beautiful weekend,

      Nobody sees a flower, really
      It is so small
      It takes time
      Like to have a friend
      Takes time

      Georgia O'Keefe