Hi Darlins…

      Having a beautiful week hope you are too!
      We are in harvest season for our lemons, so really busy working the grove.
      I wish you could smell them!
      I have some fun news to share soon about our grove!!!

      I love vintage lighting & using it in my home renovation projects gets me so excited…
      I found this *White* french enamel work light…
      I wasn’t sure if it worked…
      I couldn’t plug it in because the original cloth cord was very frayed.
      I always have my vintage lighting re-wired anyway.
      I wanted to restore it with a new cloth cord and plug. 
      After about 5 weeks waiting for it to be re-wired…
      Ta Dah..
      I almost forgot, how much I LOVE it!!!
      I have a spot it will be just right for in the new area.

      Design takes patience….
      for me it’s all about the details.
      I easily could of just said re-wire it.
      It would of been done quickly and about 1/4 of the cost.

      but how boring would that be….


      Hi Dore, Yes I love it too! The lemons are my favorite, this is the first year we are doing the harvesting. Usually we have it done for us. I feel like Eva Gabor from green acres!
      Santa Barbara is so pretty, I do love to visit there. I can just imagine the home y'all shot at was gorgeous! Fifi is amazing, what a treat! Thank you for stopping by!

      Hi Gail,
      I adore this feature with your French mechanic light, I have a thing for them, and so wish it were my find. I hope you share what you did with it, perhaps you can add a wire hook on it so you can hang it from a wall or exciting spot in your home.

      Love the smell of your grove…I don't live to far from you, perhaps I can come help pick and steal some 🙂
      My daughter and I were in Santa Barbara Ca, on a shoot with Fifi and this home had lemons so delicious and the smell was captivating, well these lemons were the size of grapefruits and so amazing hanging from there branches.

      Happy beautiful harvest.