Last night, when I was turning on the light I was delighted with a smell of Christmas…
       over my head from this wreath!

      My son said...
       He smells Christmas….
       when he is opens the door to his room too!
      This wreath welcomes you in the boyz foyer and when the door opens the bells jingle…
      the sounds of Christmas!
      This garland was tricky to get on the top of the mirror!
      here in the dining room…
      Smells & sounds of CHRISTMAS everywhere in our home!!!
      Wishing you a week filled with LOVE * PEACE & HOPE.

      There is nothing I love more than fresh greenery at Christmas. Love your garland and I am completely obsessed with the image that shows your AMAZING ceiling!!

      Evening Gail, I love FRESH GREENERY and have used it for years! I didn't this year…miss it, but yours is breathtaking beautiful! I can smell it now….!! I love the crown on the antlers, what a nice touch! It is striking with all the texture…have a Merry Christmas! Roxie