Hi Darlins,
      It’s a beautiful September morning in SoCal, a cool soft breeze fills the air.

      French Lilacs remind me of summers at our Lake House.
      My Mother Loved them!
      I think she would watch for them to bloom every year.
      She would say “the Lilacs are ready” I would go gather a bouquet for her.
      I can still imagine her cutting them over the sink and arranging them in old milk bottles, 
      smelling each batch when she finished, the fragrance was unforgettable.

      This Spring when we were at the nursery getting our dwarf trees for the front garden beds,
       I spotted a pair of French Lilacs & Now you now why I love them so much!!!

      The cooler temps has me wondering about ours, still in containers, one is blooming again, 
      but the other is only leafing out!
      Isn’t this bloom heart shaped???

      This ones either supper happy or the cooler weather is tricking it to bloom again!

      This one?

      A beautiful week to you, 
      enjoy the little things too!

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      This post sounds like a fairy tale Gail.
      I loved hat- 'the lilacs are ready' 🙂

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