Look what I found a picture of…

      This is my favorite little monogramed “P” pillow. It is a Vintage European find.

      Ok the Story..
      Years ago I used own a store called “Buckingham Mercantile”.
      I had this wonderful lady who traveled to Europe and handpicked Fabulous Vintage Linens for me. Well, this was in her suitcase of treasures…
      She said I thought you might want to keep this because it has your Initial on it.
      YES MAM I LOVED it!!!
      I used to hand launder each piece and soak them for stains and Iron them myself before I took them for sale to the store..
      Well.. One morning I was getting ready to leave and I had a basket of linens to Iron . My Baby “Cade”crawled into the Basket… I grabbed my Camera and took this pillow case out and draped it on the side. I took some pictures and I couldn’t believe how cute they were!!
      Soo…I thought this would be perfect to use on my Postcard I was designing for the opening of my new Store..
      So here it is… I wrote this on the postcard.
      ...just waiting for mommie to finish the laundry so we can go to the new turn of the century “Buckingham “Mercantile”. I can’t wait to see you there Cade…
      My Design tip: Iron linens when they are freshly laundered and still damp. Do not store until completely dry or they will rust.

      Happy White Wednesday Ya’ll.

      I can't believe that I just stumbled upon your blog! Quite a few years ago I "stumbled" upon your store and added the most adorable little outfits for my boys. I often wondered if your store was still around. Glad to have found you again.


      I love this story and such a cute photo. My kids used to climb in the laundry basket all the time when they were little…..good memories.

      Take care,


      How adorable, and the perfect postcard to announce your shop opening. Linens are so luxurious. I am grateful to live in France where they are in abundance. Your monogrammed 'P' is beautiful!
      Hope you're having a good week,