Mmmm… Just thinking of french laundry…

      Sometimes don’t you find yourself longing for a second visit to a favorite place….

      Mine is for “French Laundry” in Yountville, California.
      Yountville is in the wine country, a pristine little town filled with exquisite little restaurants, shops and all those elements that make it chic and memorable!!
      Years ago I saw “French Laundry” featured in “Victoria” magazine. Basically the magazine that features all things beautiful, fabulous creative and top notch… So it was my go to magazine for travel, restaurants shopping and entrepreneurial women stories and features. If it was in the magazine you know it was fabulous!!!

      I was given a few of the coveted clothespins I saw {in the photo layout from Victoria} from the hostess who some how found a few in a drawer, she expressed they didn’t use them in their table settings anymore….
      So I loved that I had the last few so I framed them along with our bill {a laundry Ticket}… It was a truly a DELICIOUS and memorable lunch! My oldest son was about 7 1/2 and also had to adhere to the Jacket dress code …. We were able to get a reservation for lunch on Feb 13th. It was so romantic even for lunch! Valentines was booked as is everything about 4-6 months ahead I hear…
      Looking back, was it the cuisine of the world renown chef Thomas Keller” or was it just the quest for the clothespins doning the French Laundry Branding!!!!
      Have a Beautiful week..
      xoxo, Me

      I have never been but always wanted to go…I'll have to go check out the cookbook; have a great week~