Sharing a couple pictures from the two Master Suites that are just about completed with the exception of a few items on the punch list. It takes time to find the perfect sconces and desk etc.

      My personal projects are on a larger scale… It gives a substantial sense of space.
      My youngest son uses a step stool at his sink now to see in the mirror but he will grow quickly.. His older brother is 6’4. His suite fits him perfectly!

      These are are a few pictures of my work and the sinks came out as I had hoped. When I get a wide angle lens I will photograph the whole Bathroom suite. {The before pics are on film}.
      I have a picture above of my younger son’s sink how he leaves it daily! The other picture how I would style it for me!!! One for GUESTS*
      My Design Tip: Remember children are only small for a short period of time, if your designing a bathroom build it for Adults, It is expensive to do it twice. Choose elements that are not trendy. They will be dated, when you go to sell. Resale should always be in your planning. Using accessories will personalize the bathroom and be adorable for children. Refresh and change them as they grow.

      Enjoy your weekend!

      Hi Gail! I finally made it by for a look around your blog…and, oh my, it is wonderful!!! You have a beautiful blog full of great design tips and pictures!!! Hope you are having a good week!! I mailed out your order yesterday :))

      Hugs ~

      🙂 T