I hope your weekend is going to be great! I am in Frame Love right now…

      We have been using a temporary construction gate on our driveway entrance since we fenced the property a few years ago.
      It hasn’t been fun to have to get out of the car and manually unlock and open and close the gates every time you pass through coming and going several times a day!!
      We have been dreaming about our gates for years. {Well I have}
      Finally we have designed them and they are in process. Here is a picture of the frame so far. It is a mock up and we are loving it.

      I have been emailing France for weeks and everywhere for the findings for it.
      What a process! It is a lot of work, I guess I could just buy one from a catalog or let the gate people design it but I can’t do that!
      This is my one chance to design it and get it right!
      I’m looking forward to seeing our design become gates.
      I get Sooo excited about these things!
      My design tip: Educate yourself on the process and make sure your choice complements the architectural style. Don’t buy something just because it was a good deal.
      Have a beautiful day!