Happy Saturday Darlins,

      If you love Summer… 
      there is a way to extend it!
      Depending on  your location, insulation and materials a four season porch can offer this.
      A porch can be just as inviting in the winter.

      Create a welcoming ambiance with vintage furnishings, seasonal accessories that will extend your use of a cozy space.

      Some possibilites I’ve curated to inspire with.

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      I love these spaces!

      My Design tip: Add furnishings that are easy to move around for entertaining and cleaning after each season.

      Hop over to Second Shout Out blog for my series each Saturday “Designing with Vintage” & shop for your summer home.

      Enjoy this beautiful weekend.

      Oh Gail, we are enjoying our gorgeous enclosed patio. I have a vintage metal daybed adorned with white ruffles and linen pillows, white chippy bistro chairs, and a wicker bench. I can't seem however, to photograph it correctly, for the room is long but narrow! And instead of painting the room white or at least the weathered gray of cedar, we had opted (don't even ask me why) for the more red, cedar look. I don't like it!

      But it's a great place, like these that you share, to sit back and enjoy the show of summer.

      Hi Gail, my favorite is second from the bottom, love the window view, the benches that line the wall and bank of windows and that deck chair, really feels like Martha's Vineyards ….

      Such wonderful spaces, make me want a mug room or service porch of sorts.

      Your lemon grove must be really putting off some great fruit.


      The first photo is my favorite. I love that sea weathered wood and sunwashed blues.