I found this fabulous little {quite pricy} bowl a few years ago at a little antique store. 
      I love it for Autumn because it has black writing that says Fortnum and Mason of Piccadilly.

      We have family with the last name Mason so I think that is why I was drawn to it too!

      Well I have been curios to know more about it.
      Here’s the story…
      Piccadilly is a fashionable street in London with small boutique shops…
      In 1705 Hugh Mason had a small shop in St James market and a spare room in his house. The Fortnum family had come to London from Oxford as high-class builders in the wake of the Great fire, 
      helping to establish the St. James’s and Mayfair areas as the most fashionable in London.
      William climbed another rung by taking a post as footman in Queen Anne’s household -and the room at Mr. Mason’s.
      The Royal Family insistence on having new candles every night meant a lot of half- used wax for enterprising footman to sell on at a profit. So while the Queen’s wages paid the rent, William’s enlightened sideline melted down enough into enough to start a respectable business.
      The rest, as they say is grocery.

      Interesting that they are still thriving after all these years… 
      Hand washing only for this treasure…

      Have a lovely afternoon,

      Gail I love this very special bowl with its plantings! Great information as well.

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      Art by Karena