Hi Darlins,

      Today I have one word to I want to share…
      It will mean something different to each of you.
      Sometimes I have so much going on I have to remind myself to focus.
      When I first bought this little stone like trinket a couple years ago I walked around our home placing it here and there and I decided I wanted it to be front and center somewhere. 
      It has stayed here on the shelf in my kitchen, 
      I see this little reminder to FOCUS everyday in fact, several times a day!
      It brings me joy.
      I read it & ponder what I should be focusing on at the moment, what or who needs my attention? 
      It hones me in to focus on what’s right in front of me.

      We all have our plates full. That is the world in which we live.

      But it’s truly up to us to FOCUS on what matters most and it’s usually right in front of us!

      Sometimes is us, our heart, our family, a friend or our pet that needs our focus or attention.

      I wish you the beauty to Focus on that which surrounds you.
      Have a beautiful and joyful last day of September.