Each year when I cut back my garden and roses for winter, 
      I always wonder…
      Will it be as beautiful next spring?

      Yes* I have my first blooms…
      I had to cut these two…both different heirloom variety. Left has a peachy-pink center and right a blush pink center!
       The smell of just two roses filled my dining room!
      We went to Santa Barbara last week for a couple days, rode up on the train, it was spring break!
      Found the cutest little antique store…
       I found a lot of treasures but only came home with this…

      My 1st vintage Ironstone tureen!

      I have seen them over the years, but this is the one that I fell in love with!
      As I look at the crazing I don’t think the tureen and the lid are the original pair.
       I could be mistaken but the lid sure looks a lot older than the bottom.
       Maybe that’s how they age….. but I still love it’s petite oval shape and the little knob on the top is darling!
      I hope your have a beautiful Wednesday filled with 1st’s!!!


      Hi Dore,
      I am inspired by your blog too! I love you say the word Grace… it is a beautiful word and it was my Grandmother's first name… when I read it or hear it I think of her!
      Thank you for stopping by,
      P,S, I think I will have to order some Angel wings for next Christmas!

      Hi Melissa,
      So glad you stopped by! Thank you for your sweet words I am happy to meet you too!
      See you soon!

      Beautiful Gail, just beautiful.

      Keep inspiring your grace and beauty.


      oh my my!
      You have a very pretty blog here!
      you are a very beautiful gal ya know, so fun I bet to have a little modeling career 🙂
      I think I will be stopping by here often, good to meet you Gail!

      Blessings to you!