Morning Darlins,

      Today is officially the first day of SUMMER…

      Let’s have fun here… 
      begin the day with waking up in a light filled room, layered in vintage linens. 
      Fresh off the line, nicely crisp from the summer breeze.
      I think we should hang a vintage summer flag announcing the first day of SUMMER!
      Later we can go back in  & relax in the charming white cottage.
      LOVE * LOVE * LOVE *
      these vintage white shutters on the cottage…
      Ahh… a perfectly weathered vintage chair.
      Let’s make some flavored waters & get them on ice in the vintage baby bath.
      Love vintage oars,
       something fun to collect.
       SOOO cool.
      I would love everyone to sign them before they leave… so there will be a record of all who held them!
      After dinner let’s meet at the dock, 
      the vintage boat has some chilled wine & desert ready for our sunset cruise around the lake.

      What a perfect ending to the beautiful first day of Summer…

      This so reminds me of growing up on the lake and the First day of SUMMER! 
      My Granparents had a boat like this!

      My Design tip: Summer decor should be inside & out. Bring the inside out, The outside in! HAve fun with it & use your collection to make your home a warm & welcoming gathering place.

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      I hope your day is filled with moments just for you & with all you love.

      All photos Pinterest

      Such a welcome to the beginning to summer.
      Love all the white inspiring summer photos