Happy Thursday Darlins…
      Hope your week has been great! Mine has been very busy so I haven’t had time to blog!
      Did you watch American Idol?  We watched the Idol finale and we were torn over who would win… I think Phillip and Jessica are deserving of a huge music career they will both have. Jessica being from San Diego we wanted her to bring the title home here! We {San Diego} are so impressed by this 16 year old powerhouse.. I think we agree, she has the potential for Music stardom…

      Do you know what a Fireback is? A piece of cast iron that is used in the back of the fireplace to protect the brick from being damaged by the heat of the fire. The heat is absorbed and keeps the room warm after the fire has gone out.

      I found amazing Vintage this FIREBACK and can’t wait to use it… I have a couple thoughts on where I will use it in my design!
      *HOPE WELL*
      My Design tip: Sometimes things are right in front of you if you have a plan.
      Have a beautiful day,