If you like….Ok, adore pretty Silver then you must enjoy it shiny and beautiful.

      Though it comes to the point we have to polish it and I dread this moment!!

      With the Holiday’s coming We’ll have some polishing on our agenda!!

      WELL… I was experimenting with a product I use all the time and wouldn’t of guessed that it works wonderful to clean and shine Silver!!!!

      I tried it on this tarnished pitcher . I have a before photo and a after…. SEE it works well!!
      Try it next time… “Liquid Bar Keepers Friend” Please try a little on the bottom first and start with something small.
      I’m thrilled! so much easier to use…I think my Silver has a Fabulous new Friend !!!

      Here is how I used it: Using a soft cloth, squeeze the “LIQUID” Bar Keepers Friend onto it, apply to piece, rub till tarnish disappears and rinse with a little soap and water and dry thoroughly!
      Let me know what you think after you try it!!!
      Glad to share with Yall!!!

      someone else told me about this recently…I'm off to cost plus today to buy me some~ have a fantastic Thanksgiving Gail!