Linens were apart of a young girls dowry when we reflect back in time…
      Items she brought into a marriage. 
      Monogramming linens were usually a sign of affluence in families.
      Neither of which I grew up with!!!
      Specific cabinetry pieces were made to hold the family house linens… I love that!
      When I started collecting pieces for our country house I found some fabulous imported european pine pieces that were from the 1800’s.
      When I found this piece I was smitten…
       It is a 1800’s Housekeeping cuboard
      This is where I keep our family linens!
      The beauty of it is I have plenty of space to organize my linens. I have so many linens… Most are still packed because we are renovating.
      Future pantry light!
      *LOVE* Vintage ticking… 
      I have several upholstery projects waiting for this. 
      I tag and write the yardage so I know at a glance with out unfolding!
      Vintage Belgium linens all whites!
      This was a vintage chenille slipcover  I LOVED it, turned out beautiful…
      It was on the down sofa in the master bedroom at our old beach house… 
      The curtains are vintage too…monogrammed Belgium linen sheets

      *R* is for Romance…

      Is for baby Peterson years ago…
       I used this photo of my baby for announcing my new opening of Buckingham Mercantile…

      Vintage linens are for everyday… use them and enjoy a some lux.

      Have a beautiful weekend!

      Hope over and visit my post today Saturday’ Designing with vintage at Second Shout Out
      Do some vintage linen shopping!

      Your linens are amazing – just love the vintage Belgium linens and the gorgeous monograms!

      I have Slipcovered my living room chairs in French vintage linens. I adore the all white look. When you're ready, that new pantry light will be stunning.

      oh my gosh…so beautiful… love the French ticking and the monogram linen.