This was a photo of my European umbrella with this beautiful wild green vine growing up on it!! This was a special find*

      It was leaning against the fence behind the garden house and it was growing up all over it…
      I had to cut it off to release it from the plants!!
      I used it for display with my vintage train cart at my “Olivenhain Grove Sale” last May!!
      Well I just saw that Booke Gianetti from Velvet and Linen just found two of them…. I thought how rare… I love love love them too!!
      We could be sisters in Style!!!
      She has my other eye!!
      Here are the photos!
      Looking forward to my garden plans…
      Happy Saturday Dears*

      What a great idea !!!!
      best regards from germany
      sends Jacqueline

      I saw the pictures on Velvet and Linen of the umbrellas and loved them. How lucky you are to have an unbrella too!

      Hi Gail!
      Thank you for the invitation to visit 🙂
      I love what you did with your umbrella!
      I can't believe all of the things we have in common.
      Looking forward to future visits.

      xo xo