It is raining here in SOCAL… 
      a little steady rain for the last 24 hours, we need it .
      Fun to wear a trench & some cute wellies!

      Today is my Saturday’s “Designing with vintage” series on SECOND SHOUT OUT blog.
      I have always loved the time worn finish of a painted cupboard, it just has so much character.
      I rarely will paint a piece, I only love the true old painted pieces. I am not into painting everly thing white…
      UNLESS it’s a built-in piece I have designed that needs a crisp glossy paint finish,
       then I will  have it professionally sprayed with high gloss enamel.
      I have been looking for a while for that perfect piece for my powder bath project that is under construction.

      I found it!
      The space here is small, about a 1/3 of the sq.ft of the old bath that was here. 
      {A wider hall was more important so we cut the bath to make room for the new hall to a future laundry room}
      I wanted something unique and special with European charm for this french farmhouse powder bath.

      {If you look at the left corner on the floor I had to have enough space for the door trim}
      I have exactly the right amount with this piece. also a toilet will be coming from the wall and has to have space. 
      This is perfect… I didn’t measure before I bought it, but I have a tape measure built in my brain!
      This old pine corner cupboard is very Sandanavian… the Azure old paint finsh is so lovely. 
      I don’t have any other pieces with this colour, but I love it so much…it’s so worn and yummy it will be perfect with what I have planned.
       I love where I acquired it from, so it’s special!
      This Scallop edged moulding piece at the top is amazing. 
      This is another painted piece I saw on Pinterest, doesn’t appear to be a corner piece though, But I love the primitive charm it has too!
      This White Nordic style corner piece hangs on a wall or you could set it on a counter…you can purchase now at my store

      My Design tip: European vintage cupboards are beautiful. Using them for storage is practical and uniquely adds a touch of style to a space.

      Have a beautiful Saturday!

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