A Beautiful weekend is on it’s way…

      Soooo many things entrench our busy days
       our weeks
      our months
        before we see it

      I hope hope hope, we can make beauty something that we get entrenched in.
      *I LOVE LOVE LOVE Beauty*

      Just to be clear…i’m referring to beauty that surrounds us.
      Our world
      Our Cities
      Our Towns
      Our neighborhood
      Our home

      Beauty to me is:
       entrenching our souls & our lives with that which gives us joy
       inspires us to be better

      the awesomeness to feel humbled by a simple flower petal
      see grains of sand fall out of a shell 
      grateful for hearing water lapping on the shore
      & rain drops.

      I’m in awe how much beauty naturally
       you & me.

      i Love beautiful things
      beautiful words
      beautiful stories
      beautiful photos
      beautiful art
      beauty is everywhere.

      …beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
      My life is entrenched in beauty because I see it.
      I choose to
       see beauty in the simplest things
      & hear it in quiet places.

       being open to knowing how it makes us feel…
       is most profound.

      Cutting a few flowers from the garden, bringing them inside to enjoy their fragrance in our kitchen is… 
      just the best!

      Simply entrenching our life with beauty.

      Happy Weekend, make it a beauty!

      Let’s look back in a few decades
      reflect on


      Hi Gail,
      Back again to take it a bit more beauty…. Love the subway tile and wanted to mention the creative beauty you show off by having the white ironstone handles turned towards us instead of away from us, yes this simple beauty makes a bold statement here. As for the cup of roses, I happen to find beauty when there is little life left in them.

      A beautiful Sunday to you.
      More of this transfermation soon I hope ??


      I see it too !!!
      It's a blessing we all have, but we must take the time to enjoy. Learning to observe & enjoy & breath in the beauty of our Earth is medicinal.

      So would love a personal tour of your beautiful transfermation waiting to see more of all that you sharda

      Beautiful is the way to describe this post. Thank you for sharing this post with us. We definitely need more beauty in life.

      Oh I agree, Beauty is indeed everywhere, but not everyone sees it! I Love the Land of Blog because it gives me a chance to also see Beauty through the Eyes of others and thru the Eye of their Lens. I personally am inclined to seeing the Beauty in things that most others would not consider a thing of Beauty at all in fact. So indeed, it is in the Eye of each Beholder! Blessings from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian