Howdy do!

      So busy lately I haven’t had a chance to blog about anything!!
      So heres the scoop…
      I finished my clients house that I was working on and it’s sooo darling,a fabulous home. {To view this listing…on the right of my blog, is my Coldwell Banker Previews picture. Click my Real Estate photo and it will take you to it, follow the prompts,the virtual tour is there too}.
      My son is on the 12 year old Baseball ALL STAR team and we have been so busy with practices everyday and winning our last tournament!
      My son had the mound for the start of a game and it was so exciting to see him up there… He was thrilled to contribute to a WIN for his team!
      We just won section 6 and It is the furthest ENLL has ever gotten in the history of ENLL.. So the coaches,players,parents and community are super proud of these young ball players.

      So I decided to share a few pics of my son on the mound and his number is #22 game hat.

      This afternoon we travel to Fountain Valley, Ca {about a hour away} for the start of the next series!
      Keep your fingers crossed! I’ve got mine crossed for a *W* tonight!
      I hope your summer is fun and filled with the things you enjoy!
      P.S. Thanks for the good wishes for my son’s team you have sent. I have shared them with him..
      Also I received a few asking me was I ok because I haven’t been posting very much!
      AWE… I am great just haven’t had the time with baseball, my house, working etc. etc.!!
      I will get back on track cause I soooo enjoy and love my blog and yours too!!

      Sooooo exciting!!! Hoping for a win also!! My son was on a team that also won districts and we went on to the State semi-finals a few years back . . . such GREAT memories to be had!! Enjoy every minute of it!! Sooo thrilled for your son, you, and your family!! 🙂 liz