We are a novice Family in the world of Motocross….

      Really a different parental challenge for us!

      I have adopted a new respect for the parents of this sport! My boyz always have gravitated to athletically challenging sports and fun, this is a different definition….
      This is an extreme sport….
      My youngest son just started riding a motocross {motorcycle} these last few months. He began driving everything he could as a toddler through now. Not kidding, he was mowing our entire lawn at three!! He has no fear about any of this… He loves this riding, the dirt,noise and last week it was 106 at his race!
      So as a Mom I’m completely out of my comfort zone on this sport,though he has all the safety apparel you could wear, my heart is not into it. I have to support him though because it is part of who he is and I love his spirit for life…
      If anyone out there has been through this motocross sport I’d love any advise you may want to share! Please leave a comment, I’m sure I am not alone with this..
      Thought I’d share a few photos of his first start at his first Race last week.
      I love photographing my boyz. I have a bazillion shots of everything! Though I must admit I was feeling nauseous, my hands were shaking, my mom fear level was at it’s peak….
      Have a Blessed Day,