Only our Family calls it the Princess Car!! A Mercedes just like this was used in a Princess Grace {Kelly} movie many years ago so that is why we call it that…

      I Love Love Love my car, I wanted one since I was 16!!!
      I saw one at about 17 and never let the thought go!!!
      I have had this one for quite a while… Since I was 17!!!! Ha. My little boy used to sit in his car seat in the back when we had the top down and wave to everyone like he was the Mayor!! People would be honking and I thought it was because they liked the car when it was him!

      She’s Beautiful and Drives amazing…It’s a 1965 250 Se Cabriolet from Europe all original!! Someone recently was interested in buying her but we were a bit apart on the Price!!!
      Have fun!!!

      I love the look of that car. Fabulous. I know your proud to have her

      My neighbors has two Mercedes.He always wants me to swap for one. I couldn't pay to have the oil changed( would love to have one).

      Also like you I would want a white one and they all seem to be black

      ps oh I have 2 girl friends each with a black mercedes

      With a good mechanic, a Mercedes will drive forever (a financial planner told us that once). Lucky you!
      Mary Ann