Happy Friday Darlins…
      Are you doin what makes you happy?????????????
      Hmmm got ya!
      Something to ponder isn’t it!
      I’m pondering how cool this is! 

       I fell in love with each one!
      The Antlers..silly!
      Last night we had a casual meeting at this cool industrial spot 
       Booze Brothers Brewery, located in Carlsbad, Ca.
       cool industrial-vintage vibe and I loved seeing how creative this company is…
      I love stories of start ups…
      We heard a couple of cool stories  from the owners last night. 
      It’s was obvious,
       that these folks are DOIN what makes them HAPPY!

      Another cool story from the owner of MISH MASH Gourmet San Diego  
      as he shared his impressive culinary background.

      We ordered two exceptional artisan gourmet items, 
      local fish tacos and organic grass fed angus burger.
      Oh my goodness….Delicious!
      I really wanted to try the truffle fries, next time….just have to say I tried them…
      Couldn’t come home with out burgers for the boys, just wouldn’t be right!

      When someone is creative and passionate about what they do…you feel it. 
      It elevates the entire experience for us, they are sharing their gift.
      Sharing Local goodness is fun!
      So cool to meet folks that are doin what makes them happy!

      Happy Friday!