A house in the country….
      Have you had it with endless traffic & noise? 
      Cars parked in front of your house that aren’t yours?
      Street lights keeping you awake?
      Longing to live where you can’t wait to go through the gates to your own coutry estate?

      If so, I’m with you! I think I have something you want to see!
      I’ve just listed a parcel of vacant land for sale. 
      I’ll share the Link to the listing below. 

      I thought it would be fun to curate some visual inspiration that might be gorgeous on this parcel!

      Let’s dream a bit, the property’s is a blank slate with lots of potential, that’s what makes it so exciting!
      It the perfect location to create all of this…

      Your driving on a little country country road that curves around. 
      Your about 15 minutes tops to the beach….
      Ahh… were there.
      Imagine… you can build something that says, this is home! 
      A stone entry like this could be built with stone found on the property.
      The land is 5.09 acres with a generous area you could place your dream house.
      What kind of house are you thinking of?
      A french farm house?
      White painted brick with a country style courtyard?
      All brick?
      A Stone house… utilizing some of the natural stone already on the property would be gorgeous.
      Or a post and beam barn style with stone around the base?
      Lots of sunshine there, I think planting a family vineyard would be so beautiful and romantic!
      I‘m in love with farm houses, this would be amazing there.
       Fresh sweet tea on the porch,
       the dog hanging out on the steps, 
      horses out in the riding ring and in the barn.
       Of course…fresh vegetable growing in the garden.
      Imagine…in the morning walking out and carring a cute little wire basket to collect the eggs from your very own
       matching little chicken coup!
      All photos Pinterest
      ….any day or night of the week, no reservations needed! 
      Nothing fancy…
      Pull the wagon over from the house, with your favorite wine to pair with the delicious dinner you prepared in your outdoor kitchen. 
      Spend time relaxing outdoors with our great weather all year.
       Create the most unforgettable moments with family and friends right here at your country estate.

      I hope this visual dream journey I curated for you will inspire what you can build and create with this gorgeous property! 
      The possibilites are endless!

      P.S. There isn’t alot of opportunities to purchase land here in SoCal. That’s what makes this one so special, it’s a gem. 
       I’m excited to have the opprtunity to let you know about it!

      Click the links below to view the property. 
      My contact info is there too.

      A beautiful day to you Darlins,


      Oh Gail,
      I so agree with your comment, yet if there was this perfect chance, and location, and timming and the house happened to have this much charm I would not turn it away. As for your list of homes I can see myself in any of them, it's really hard to pick one over the other because your selection of homes all speak to me for one reason or another…that's the designer in me 🙂

      I do have to tell you I really love the French Farmhouse photo, #3 it has all the wear and age to it that life does not have to be that perfect, and I can see my uneven out of shape pottery in this home.
      Love, the yard as well 🙂

      I adore your postings, I so want to see a post on your home every inch of it, if not I will do a drive by and blow my horn, park in front of your home flashing my lights until you meet me curbside to invite me in. I love and adore your style, also will be looking forward to summer time lemonade freshly squeezed by your hands.

      There is just so much beauty out there if we just open our eyes seeing in a different light of designs.

      Thank you beautiful friend for taking the time to visit my place and commenting on my plates…. Organic, lead free and fired in a new kilm that makes this fine clay a wonderful everyday plate for years to come.


      Morning! I love it too! My husband is against painting brick, I am on the fence about it!
      My Thought is if something about about the brick really is bothersome then paint it.
      FIRST…. before I painted it I would over grout it all. Then I could get a bit of both, less brick with more of an aged application. I think I could be pretty happy with that. Then plant a creeping fig vine! I think I would go that route before I painted it all. Once you cover it in paint there's no going back! Over grout can be covered with paint.
      I would love to see a pic of your home! I'm from the midwest I do love brick!! I don't see many here in Southern California.

      Thank you Anita I LOVE what you said about hearing your won own heart beat is all the noise we want to hear! I love those words…
      A beautiful day to you,

      Oh give me that white painted brick house – we have a darling brick home but the brick is not that wonderful. It's that ubiquitous Chicago brick that could stand some help. I know our house would be so darling white!

      Thank you for this lovely tour down country roads where all the noise you hear is the beating of your own heart.