Hello Mother’s!
      Happy Autumn * Back to school

      Just curious?
      Why wasn’t this a shower gift????

      This vintage set of Mother’s encyclopedias was a special find years ago!
      I couldn’t resist!

      What I’m wondering is ….
      How is the Mother doing who gave these up!!!
      I placed them setting next to a cozy chair…

      So when other Mother’s come over, they might think I know a lot!!!
      giggle giggle!!!

      No, I haven’t read them…
      I’m a risk taker!!! 
      Why? Find out I’m doing it all wrong,
       It’s too late, 
      I feel I’m going to wing it on instinct, that is my course…

      Of course just for fun…
      I will glance at them when my children are both grown. Just to see if I was on track!!!

      giggle giggle!!!

      A beautiful Friday eve to you!

      Tomorrow morning, grab your coffee, latte, tea or one of each & join me here for Saturday’s Designing with Vintage!