I have this really beautiful little oval dish with a chippy metal handle on top…

      I keep it filled with French Lavender. Now it’s sitting on this collection of platters
      All vintage Ironstone some are Brown Transferware. I have been collecting for years and didn’t realize what I was collecting!!! See I just loved the old white Patina of them and thought that they were so sturdy!

      I love this dish {it’s not old} the drawing was what was so pretty I had to buy it.

      I wish I knew who the drawing was supposed to resemble! I love the chocolate Brown, unique!!
      If any one has an idea who it might be let me know I’ve always wondered!!!
      Hope your week is stacking up perfectly!!!

      Dearest Gail,

      Wish I could help you out. Does the dish have a mark underneath? Is it French or Italian? That would give us a hint at least…
      but anyhow; I'm your new follower! Love you blog and attitude about things.

      Have a great Sunday,


      SOO pretty! Do you think Marie Antoinette? I am totally guessing.
      Mary Ann