Morning Darlins,
      Something about Autumn has us nesting about, 
      getting cozy 
       preparing for more entertaining at home.

      Thoughts wonder a little… about gifting & the holidays.

      Opting to use things we already have in  a new way is very eco friendly.
      It’s cool to find a new purpose for something vintage. 
      We are loving something all over again in a creative new way.
      We love candles…
      Turning vintage oil cans upside down, setting vintage cheese graters over a lit candle are a couple of ways to see a pretty glow indoors or out.
      {The cheese grater would work well with battery operated twinkle lights or candles}

      Vintage sweaters…

      Made from cable knits, cashmere, cotton, wool etc. 
      Easy to craft one of a kind pillows from the body, 
      use the cuffs & waist bands to slip onto cups, candles, 
      the sleeves for bottles & vases.
      Add vintage embelishments & you have something truly special for your space or to gift.

      Use that vintage sweater your grandma gave you that you can’t part with, enjoy it repurposed.
      Gifting a piece of it to a family member keeps it in the family!
      Or buy that vintage one you’ve been eyeing, but it’s not really your size!
      Vintage equestrian…
      Repurposing this as a towel bar for a guest bath
       a bar towel would be unique & memorable!

      A wood wire spool…
      A cool vintage find. 
      I actually have one our electrician gave me years ago!

      Wondering how to repurpose it?
      This is a piece that needs to be moveable, it’s heavy & awkward.
      Installing 3 industrial wheels would be perfect.
      Adding a cushion constructed from vintage grain sacks  would be awesome.
      Raising it on legs would work well for small bar table pared with vintge stools.

      My Design tip: Think about vintage pieces with new ideas for uses. Be creative, if something has a story hang on to it. You will find a way to enjoy it a second time around.

      Click over to Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” series & shop for vintage items for your Autumn spaces.

      A beautiful Autumn day to you
      Sweet of you for sharing your time & latte with me!

      Photos: Pinterest


      Wonderful re-purposing ideas Gail……they are ALL very unique! I personally love the vintage oil funnels ~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

      The spool is a great side table for the patio or studio adding that industrial feel to the design, I am going to whip one of theses up.
      I also love the horse bit, could so see creating this for my Grand Father the horsemen he was, his has passed a few years back and he so would have loved this idea !,


      I really like all of your vintage repurposed ideas! I love the oil can candle holders and the equestrian toliet paper holder, so unique and cool!