It’s lovely to be the guests at someone else’s Dining Table…

      Tonight, we are invited for a little tradition at our friends home!
      Each year they have a dinner party before Thanks giving and it get us in a festive mood, we have a moment to catch up, be together before we start the Hustle and Bustle of the Holidays.

      My friend is a gracious Hostess along with her Hubby who makes you feel so welcome. He keeps the cheers filled and she creates this Fabulous cuisine for us all.
      She is a natural in the kitchen and rarely will except a hand even if you want to clear your setting….
      We love them and can’t wait to see what ‘s for Dinner….
      My Design tip: Keep your linen napkins out and ready to use, a time saver when your setting the table for the Dinner Party.

      I keep mine rolled up under one of my favorite cloches and it adds instant style as well is it’s practical.
      Better get out of my workout clothes ….
      Have fun and let the party season begin*