This is our Vintage garden house it’s just aged to perfection… The old carved elements, The chippy White paint, can’t believe what I discovered when I was sweeping it out over the weekend.

      I knew we put a french drain in it but I never noticed this engraved word, SON….Of course I took a photo of it wouldn’t you? It gave me chills because my son had just left to return to college…
      It was so pretty the way the warm little ray of sun was on it, almost saying to me “Mom I’m always around you.”

      I had a cool idea for it and I made it,turned out very cool.
      Awe… I’m saving those photos for a different post!
      Here are a couple more pictures of…. My Favorite Little House!
      Hope your week is beginning Fabulously,
      P. S. The white fireplace photos from the post the other day are also from inside the Garden House.

      you are so cute, what a great Mom!! You know how much I adore your garden house….xxoo A

      How interesting the SON on the drain…just as you are missing your boy…you keep getting reminders of him. Mine starts college soon and I can hardly stand it 🙁