Morning Darlins.
      I really Love black-n-white…
      Do you?
      I use it a lot in my decor.
      When I visualize a space in black-n-white I categorize it as neutral. 
      Though to me, certain materials have such detail and beauty they are colorful.
      I’m  inspired by many things…
       Mostly details, like the beautiful graphics & fonts on these vintage ironstone pots.
      Everyday household items that we use…
      Vintage cased ticking pillows, I like to use them as a playful accent.
      A heap of fresh snowfall on garden furniture…
      Winter branches!
      Can you see the relationship?
      Mmmm the gorgeous floor * console = gorgeous…
      Vintage metal boxes are mysterious & fun!
      Textures & detail in black-n-white have the neutral element,
      though to me this is color!

      I can’t wait to share my project with you! It’s coming along…

      My design tip: Black-n-white has character, it’s classic & modern. Using black-n-white with patterned detail will be beautiful, not bland or boring.

      This black metal box is available in my shop

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      I am off to a clients to start a design project, a TV room into a home office!
      I will share some photos soon…

      Have a gorgeous weekend!

      photos: from Pinterest

      Lové à beautiful black and gray transfer ware piece. Your photos always inspire.


      Love it!! You are right. It does feel classic and modern!

      Love these images, and can't wait to see more of your project!

      Gail, I love this idea. And, those panels in the bathroom are excellent.