An anniversary… 
      Today is a special day.
      It marks two significant events.

      Today is a heart full.

      Our Silver wedding anniversary.
      Recalling each year that passes, what do we realize about ourselves?
       I’ve grown in many ways as a women, wife and mother.
      Though I still fee as if I was 20, how can that be?

      The two of us are truly one, we are much alike in many ways 
      but sooo very different too.
      It’s exception to the rule I suppose, but perhaps the secret ingredient too!

      I follow my own path that’s for sure, I am delighted with what I’ve found along the way. 

      Today is also momentous as my youngest son begins his own journey as a freshman in college.
      He moves into a blank dorm room, far from his core here at home. My Husband and son had quite the road trip together, a wonderful memory the’ll cherish.
      After all… a boy doesn’t want his mom bringing him to freshman move in day!!!
      I miss him dearly already.
      As parents it’s bittersweet right? We can’t hang on to the child, we fill them with love so they never look far and at the same time we must embrace the adult they are becoming.

      So here’s a look back… seems like yesterday! 

      Pale Pink is my favorite color, a natural for me to design my own pink girly dress.
      Looking back it fun to think I wouldn’t change a thing!

      Hey friends I hope you enjoy this little peak with me!
      I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to blog here lately.

       I am sharing renovation updates on the French farm house on my Insta

      Come over and follow me there, I miss you!
      Love to all