Setting our Thanksgiving table…
      I set the table yesterday, some girl friends were coming by late afternoon and we were going to be in the grove picking lemons for our dinners so I wanted to get as much done as possible.

      Our dinner will be early afternoon so I got an early start..
      Awe.…My husband just handed me a mimosa! I guess it’s okay since I’ve been up since 5:00am getting the turkey ready!!!

      I gathered my heirloon silver serving pieces
      A mixture I know….but each piece is a gift that have been in our families.
      The simple setting…
      Dark grey linen mateo napkins… a birthday gift from a friend, draped over the chair backs. 
      My favorite star napkin ring & rosemary sprig from the garden.
      OLDE school Reminders, so appropriate….
      It’s a warm day and beautiful day here in Southern California…
      I think the windows will stay open but candles of course!
      Turkey is roasting in the oven…
      Better get my deserts and soup made…

      A beautiful Thanksgiving to all…

      Greetings Gail!*!*!
      All that's left here in Wisconsin are A PILE OF DISHES!!! ~ Jealous that your Doors/Windows are OPEN!!!
      Have a Wonderful Harvest Feast!*!*!
      Jeanine Burkhardt

      Goodness !!!
      Look at that big bird. Wonderful, Gail. And, I love your table setting, especially the etched glasses.
      Happy Holidays !!

      Hi Jeanine,
      Just finished the dishes! Yes, in shorts all day, open windows… not the cozy crisp day I long for! I spoke to family in WI they said there was a little snow and cold. I would love some of that.

      Usually we get our fresh christmas tree tomorrow, but It's too warm, we'll wait for the next batch. They probably come form Michigan or Wisconsin!
      Saw those fab markets you were at, wish I would of been there!
      Happy Thanksgiving for a couple more hours!

      Hi Dore.
      Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Yes the table has a zinc top, this table was custom made. I know I have seen zinc tables out there, I will keep you in mind next time I do.
      The flooring in my dining room was made for a temporary solution, It is a furniture grade birch smooth plywood that has been professionally screened and clear finish.
      I'm grateful you have your blog too!

      Hi Marsha,
      Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you the glasses are family heirlooms. They are very delicate and I love to using them. Love hearing from you, i will be over to visit…

      Gail, now this is what we are all thankful for, is to see more of the beauty that Nordic-ly surrounds you.
      Love you settings, cutlery, wrinkled and relax linens, and BEST? Where can I find a rustic zinc top table as yours?……it's amazing over here.

      Gail, I have to ask about your most interesting wood flooring…..I was going to do in my last home hug large cut squares of a finer grained plywood and do similar to as what your floors inspire.
      I am in love with the beautiful vibe here.

      We too are most grateful that you found blogging, and that we see more of your living home style.

      I am on my way over turkey looks great in the stove my mother has.